January 14

Clickbait (or “How I Tossed Aside All Morals To Save My Websites”)

So  if you haven’t noticed by now, I added an extra link to my “Friends & Links” section of this page. Specifically, the link is to my new site, “The Daily Fail“. Now, this may have you a bit puzzled, considering every few months I complain about how I can’t afford to keep my current websites operating with the meager amounts of money the Google Ads are bringing in, so why would I add yet another website to the group?

Simple: Clickbait.

Now “The Daily Fail” is a very simple website. Every day it will publish a video post, which is of some humorous failure. These will vary from day to day, sometimes featuring auto accidents, other times athletes failing, other days it might be an animal or child involved. Regardless, the point is simple – We provide a brief, funny video every day (taken fresh from Youtube), giving people a quick and easy place to look for these fail videos.

So how does this help me at all? Well, for the $20 investment for the URL registration, and a bit of my time searching for Fail videos on Youtube, I’m betting that this site will eventually catch on, and start to draw eyeballs in. That’s really all I need. You see, every single view on the main page is a view on a Google Ad, and every post that gets viewed is yet another ad getting viewed. Even if nobody clicks on a single Google Ad, not one, these views will add up in time. At least that’s what I’m counting on.

Normally I would balk at the idea of creating such a website, because to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the concept of Clickbait. I hate seeing duplicitous posts on Facebook that you know are just trying to entice you to their website, to rack up some ad views, and I’m not to proud of going this route myself. But, I am earning almost nothing from ad views on my other sites now (which is odd, because I was earning some decent money just a couple of months ago), so I have to do something to increase ad views. Rather than sully my other sites with Clickbait nonsense, I created a website for that purpose instead.

But, let’s be clear about this: “The Daily Fail” is not without merit! I bring you funny fails both old and new on this site, every single day of the week, and am sure to link back to the Youtuber who posted said video, so they stand to gain as well. There may be other websites that provide a similar service, but I doubt they do it as well as I can. I have a Facebook presence for the site, as well as a Twitter account you can follow, in the hopes that these resources will help spread the word about this site.

Enjoy laughing at others’ expense!