Well, it’s a start

So I have decided to start posting to Pthppt.com again, as its own, separate blog (from GamingStuff.website). Why? Well, there were a few reasons behind this decision.

  1. First of all, I have a lot more to say than can be contained within a Gaming-related website
  2. Next, I felt like Pthppt.com was being wasted, just redirecting to the new hotness that is Gaming Stuff.
  3. Finally, my employer’s IT department doesn’t recognize “second tier” URLs as being legitimate, which makes it difficult for me to blog to Gaming Stuff (at gamingstuff.website) during my breaks, like I used to do here.

Anyway, I plan on just posting about life, politics, and really anything that comes to mind here on this little site. It won’t be that entertaining, but I need the catharsis.

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  1. Gypsy

    Glad this is back! I’m not a gamer, but i enjoy your musings


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