Heading to the playoffs!

If you hate Fantasy sports, click away now. Just saying.

Okay, I used to be very into Fantasy Football, but gave it all up a couple of years ago, at the request of my wife. I had gotten to the point of watching NFL football every Sunday, while monitoring one fantasy team on my phone, another on my tablet, and other stats on my laptop. Yeah, I had gotten completely wrapped up in the Fantasy scene, and my wife was right to ask me to step away.

Well, that was until this season.

Yes, I’m back playing Fantasy Football. I used to play on NFL.com’s 10-team leagues, but a co-worker invited me to join his 8-team league on Yahoo.com, and I couldn’t resist. I used to play against random other people, now I’m competing against co-workers in my department and others who work for our corporation. And after a couple of years off for the hobby, playing against some pretty talented Fantasy players, I’m currently in 3rd place in our league. At this rate, and with my remaining schedule (which is pretty easy), I will likely be  at worst the 3rd seed in our playoffs, but probably 2nd seed.

In short, I rock, and I’m damn good at this! Just saying. More updates to follow, as the season and playoffs go on.

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