Playoffs?! Playoffs?!

So this morning I posted about how well I was doing in my Fantasy Football league, and predicted I would end the season in a very good place, based upon having a very soft schedule of games remaining. This included today’s test, as I was facing the guy in last place in our league, who I absolutely roflstomped the last time we were matched up. And after the early games today, I was predicted to win not only big, but stomp him by a good thirty fantasy points!

So I went to take a nap, confident in my win, and already thinking about next week’s games.

Because that’s how it is in Fantasy. You overmatch your opponent, and can cruise to an easy victory, without a care in the world.



Then some lucky motherf**ker has a Linebacker earn 33 points in the late game (B. Martinez, for Green Bay… and the game isn’t even over!), while I have multiple under-performing players in the afternoon games! Suddenly, my projected 30+ point win wasn’t just a close contest, no, I flat out lost! And not by a little bit, but by at least 30 points!

So take some advice from your Friendly Neighborhood Troll: Don’t tempt fate by blogging about your success, before it actually occurs. Because that is how it is in Fantasy.

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