So much for that idea

Vidme is dead.

As you may or may not know, I have been trying to get my video content going again on YouTube for well over a year now, with really no success. So I decided to jump on the Vidme train, which is – or was – a small competitor to YouTube. Vidme seemed like they had less restrictions for the style of content you upload, and claimed to be more friendly to small Content Creators, like myself.

Unfortunately, Vidme requires you to have 50 followers (Subscribers, for those of you more familiar with YouTube vernacular) before I would be listed as “Verified”, and they would open up all of their features to me, which made things a bit difficult. I have a lot of content I upload to YouTube, daily videos which would exceed the “un-verified” weekly limit in very short order. So basically, unless I could get 50 Followers, I could only really host my short video podcast “Full of Fail” on Vidme, unless things changed.

Well, they changed, but not for the better. Vidme has decided to shut down on December 15th, due to a variety of issues but they all boiled down to basically not being able to compete with YouTube or Facebook. That really sucks, because this now leaves a lot of people with few or no real options for hosting their content. But that isn’t my problem, since I still can use YouTube, even though it really isn’t that good of an option for me, either. At least I still have a home for my content, where some folk (especially a lot of outspoken commentators who have been tossed off of YouTube for not being “Advertiser Friendly”) don’t have that option. They are quite simply well and truly fucked.

Anyway, I will continue to upload my shows to YouTube (since I don’t have any other option), play within their increasingly strict rules, and hope for the best. But I will also be looking at other video hosting options, just in case YouTube decides that “Let’s Plays” and other gaming content like mine (here, here, and especially here) no longer fit in with their “Advertisers First, Content Creators Last” philosophy.

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