So the Windows 10 Fall Update sucks (Holiday) balls

I was going to record some video today. Apparently not.

You see, I’ve run into all manner of difficulties tonight. First I can’t record the breakdown and rebuild video of my RaspiBoy, because of lighting issues. But I got the camera working, so that’s fine (once it gets recharged, that is). Anyway, on to Plan B, which was to record gaming videos, as I usually do.

That’s where this Windows update comes in.

The problem is, it keeps bugging me to restart my computer to install the update, which is fine. One or two long restarts, and that’s it, right? No. First, it tried to reboot, but suddenly the screen on my laptop was black, and it wouldn’t finish the reboot. Force a reboot, and it reverted back to the previous version of Windows. Fine, at least it is working, except rebooting it again fails to try to install the update again, but the screen is black after the reboot, requiring a mouse-click and typing in my password blind, after which it loads into my desktop.

Something is clearly wrong. Thanks, Microsoft!

Anyway, I have tried rebooting multiple times now, tried getting it to continue or restart the update from Windows Update, and all that, all to no avail. Basically, the Fall Update fucked up my current version of Windows, but won’t update to the new version, which hopefully would fix the issue. My only option now is to revert to the basic installation of Windows 10, and start over from scratch.

Not like I had anything better to do tonight, Microsoft. Thanks.

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