Breaking out the Old Stuff

So we are in the last half of December now, and the new stuff I have planned for 2018 on my other website are getting closer to their big reveal. But after getting way out ahead of myself on the video content for “Full of Fail” (my primary YouTube channel, which also feeds “Gaming Stuff”), I decided to create some more video content, of a different sort, on a different channel.

That’s right… I brought back “The MMO Troll“.

After a full five years away, I have awoken the Dragon, and restarted my Trollish content! Doing two shows a week, one will be the usual “MMO Troll” sarcastic video podcast, just like I used to make years ago. But the other video each week will be something else… something comedy-related. I won’t say it’s Comedy, because I’m not that funny, so laughs are not guaranteed.

Anyway, so I’m starting that stuff up this coming Tuesday, the 19th, over on Gaming Stuff. Expect to see fresh shows every Tuesday and Thursday, with the occasional Livestream as well, probably on Saturdays.


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