Change needed

I think I need a new job.

I’ve been with my current employer for nearly 15 years, which is nearly triple the length of time I’ve ever been at any other job. While I like my employer a lot, and don’t want to leave the company as a whole, I do think perhaps I’ve been at my current position perhaps a bit too long. I’m good at what I do, but it is the same grind, every single day, and I’ve come to dread coming to work anymore.

That’s not good.

So anyway, I’m thinking perhaps I might look for other open positions within my company. It would be nice to find something closer to home (my current commute is about 100 miles a day, round trip), even if it pays less than I currently make… which is almost assured. I have just over six years until I can retire with full benefits, so why drag through that time at a job I hate, when I could be doing something else to kill that time?

Actually, I don’t hate my current job, so that’s not fair. I dread coming to work because I get the majority of required, time-sensitive work dumped on me, while my co-workers watch videos on YouTube. Sure, one of them has extra duties, as well, but they only take up a couple of days a week, and one of those days he is covered for, so all he has to do is work on that one project, all day, undisturbed.

Yeah, that kind of sucks, if you’re in my position. And I’m quite sick of it.

Nevermind that our new Supervisor seems to want to blame me for anything that goes wrong on my shift anymore. For example, when the previous shift didn’t address an issue properly, and he “asked” me about it, he didn’t say “What happened here?”, or “What’s up with this?”, but instead went with “What did you do about this?”

I guess you had to be there, but the implication was that I specifically had fucked up. He didn’t care that another shift entirely was responsible, nor did he push any blame equally upon myself and the person I was working with, but stated it was entirely my fault that this issue had not been addressed.

I am not a Lead. I don’t get paid to take responsibility for the actions (or inactions) of the people on my shift, let alone those on other shifts. So if he wants to push individual blame on someone, push it on our shift lead, who gets paid to deal with that bullshit. I’ll be happy to take the resulting ass-chewing from said Lead, as I know how Corporate Gravity works, and the shit does indeed roll downhill. But there are levels that shit needs to bounce through before it gets to my level, where it splashes everyone on the shift, rather than just me. Taking it straight from the Bull isn’t normal protocol, and above my pay grade.

So what I’m saying is that the Bull can go fuck himself. Furthermore, I’m thinking I need to go spend the last few years of my employment with this company working for different corporate cattle.

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