Yeah, haven’t been chatting

So it’s been a hell of a few weeks.

Things have been really, really awesome part of the time, and at others really, really horrible. Okay, more like “First World Horrible”, but bad all the same. For examples, we got a pretty nice tax return, and paid down our credit card quite a bit with it. But on the other hand, I woke up late, was almost late for work, and found blood coming out of my ear all in the same day. I am having a great time Livestreaming on Twitch, while using YouTube only as free storage and service of my videos to my other website. Meanwhile, My Lovely Bride™ had her van break down on her, on her way out of town for a family visit. Luckily it happened nearby, and she was able to limp it to the mechanic to get fixed. All the same, that was $400 we didn’t need to spend.

So things have been weird, to say the least.

Anyway, I now have three websites I’m running… again… Those of you who have been around a few years may remember when I ran and in addition to this site, in order to support a couple of podcasts I was doing back then. Well, we’re doing something similar now with my other two websites.

First of all, I have converted Gaming Stuff over to a straight community website, with the exception of my podcast “Pixels & Dice” remaining there. It is basically like Facebook, but for Gamers. There aren’t that many people using it right now, but I hope to see some growth there in the near future.

Next we have Scormey Fails At Everything, which exists solely to support my Livestreaming on Twitch, as well as my gaming-related blogging. It is a fairly simple website, but includes a lot of content, which is being added to quite often. It helps that I can post to from work, without the site being falsely flagged as “malicious”, like Gaming Stuff is, simply because GS uses a .website domain.

Anyway, between my Livestreaming on weekends, these other websites, and trying to get a new laptop that will actually function properly, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog over here. My apologies for that, and I’ll try to post something here at least on a weekly basis, as I can. Maybe more often, if I have something to vent my spleen about. But if you are looking for fresh content a lot more often than that, check out my other sites…

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