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So I (obviously) haven’t been posting much around here, sorry about that. It’s been a rather hectic Spring this year, which has led me to not have so much time around here. Aside from work, my other hobbies and interests have kept me quite busy indeed!

First of all, lets talk about laptops. My old Asus laptop has been having issues with not restarting properly. It was clearly starting to fail, so I ordered a new one from Origin PC… which turned out to be a headache that continues to this very day. Let’s just say that Origin PC sucks, and I’m still trying to get my money back from them, for a laptop they received almost a full month ago.

On an aside, I now have a fine laptop from MSI that works like a charm. I got it from Amazon in two days (as opposed to waiting almost a month for delivery from Origin), and it is so much better than the Origin PC laptop ever was! Just saying.

Anyway, I have also had a great amount of difficulty with my website Gaming Stuff. To put it bluntly, no one was visiting (other than downloads of the podcast “Pixels & Dice”), and the whole idea basically came up as a huge Bust. It’s kind of hard to build a community for Gamers, when no one actually comes around to even look at it. So, what did I do? I did what any hard-working, red-blooded American would do in this situation and gave the fuck up!

That’s right, I threw in the towel. It’s over.

I have since moved the podcast over to my website supporting my Livestreaming and gaming blogs, which is In a few weeks, I will set up Gaming Stuff to redirect in its entirety to, and when the GS URL comes up for renewal, I’ll just let it expire. No point in paying for a website address that no one visits, right?

As an aside, no one really visits, either, but I have several good reasons to keep this site active. First of all, it gives me a place to experiment, to blog about whatever I want, and I have multiple email addresses from this URL which are still active, albeit redirected to Gmail accounts for easier reading. If I let expire, I’d lose those email accounts, which might make playing a few of my games rather difficult, later on down the line. Plus then where would I play with new, experimental webhosting software?

But to get back on track, the whole GS saga has taken up a good amount of my attention the last few months. But now that it is soon to redirect to my main site (, that saga is soon to come to an end. But speaking of, what is that exactly? Well, it is (as I said before) a place where I can show off replays of my past Livestreaming efforts, where I can blog about Gaming and Technology (or whatever), and of course host the weekly podcast. So has that been eating up a lot of my time, too?

Not exactly, but the Livestreaming itself most certainly has!

I have doing livestreaming on Twitch since late January 2018, and reached Affiliate status in less than two months. Since then, I have earned more on Twitch than I ever did on all of my YouTube channels over the last eight years combined. I have a small by awesome community of fans who drop by every time I’m streaming, although they hang around more when I’m playing “Lord of the Rings Online”. They have mixed feelings about other games, although I do still play a few other titles.

Unfortunately, when I start doing something, I tend to throw myself into it with such fervor that I drive myself to burnout in short order. Such has been the case with Twitch. The last month, I have been streaming on average 24 out of 47 hours on my weekends, leaving little time to relax, do chores, spend time with my family, eat or sleep. But starting this coming weekend, I’m limiting myself to three major streaming times, where I play for up to three hours on Saturday mornings, and up to six hours each on Saturday and Sunday nights. That might not seem like much of a reduction, but it really is.

Let’s say I livestream for the entirety of those blocks each weekend. That would only account for 15 total hours, as opposed to 24. But there is no way I can sit and talk for six hours straight, let alone two nights in a row. There will be breaks taken, and most likely I’ll only stream for a couple of hours followed by a break, then another couple of hours. A much more likely assessment of my streaming would be 10 hours total for the weekend (two hours on Saturday mornings, then four hours out of six on Saturday and Sunday nights). That will allow me to relax and spend more time with my family than I do now, and actually play some games just for my own enjoyment, rather than as a dancing monkey!

Maybe then I will be able to get over my current burnout, too.

Regardless, It’s been quite the busy Spring, but I anticipate having much more time to relax, have fun, and perhaps even blog some here in the future. But no promises…

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