At least I have comfortable shoes!

Have you ever gotten a brand new pair of really comfortable shoes, and your whole day got brighter? It’s like all of your cares and worries have gotten trod down under the sheer comfort of that new footwear.

I’m having one of those days, actually. I ordered a pair of men’s New Balance walking shoes, in black, so I can wear them to work, and they are absolutely fantastic! My hip feels better, as does my lower back while walking, and that of course is doing wonders for my overall mood. Especially considering that my day otherwise would be a wee bit on the horrific side.

It’s been pretty busy thus far, for a night shift. Of course, that was before we had a power outage that affected a good portion of Portland and the surrounding area, but only for a few moments in most areas. My work location was not so lucky, and is square in the middle of the area that is expected to have an extended power outage. Perhaps six hours or more. Being a hospital, we are on generators, but some of the smaller ones… like the one for my site specifically… might last four hours.

Yay. But at least my feet feel good!

While we still have power, I jumped on again, and ordered up a second pair of those wonderful shoes! This time in tan, for hiking and just wearing around the house.

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