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WTF is wrong with Reddit?

Look, I get it. Reddit is one of the largest, most popular websites on the planet. As such, they will harbor some large number of, for lack of a better term, Utter Twats. That said, it makes that website nearly intolerable to enjoy anymore!

Unlike most forums, the Trolls on Reddit – at least from what I’ve seen – aren’t as toxic in their posts, as they have been on many other websites. But they are just as bad or worse, in many other ways.

For example: Downvoting.

On Reddit, you can voice your basic opinion on a thread, or even individual posts therein, by Upvoting or Downvoting. Why is this a problem? Well, without even saying a word, without even giving a single bit of justification for said vote, a post or even a full thread, can effectively be Muted.

Don’t get me wrong, now. I’m not saying people quietly voicing their opinions is necessarily a bad thing. Upvoting and Downvoting does allow for this. No, my problem is when cowards, looking to harm threads or specific posters for no particular reason, Downvote the fuck out of them.

Reddit is full to the brim with assholes like this.

Some might say I’m just being bitter, but that’s not it at all. Sure, I’ve seen my share of Downvoting for literally no reason, but I see it a lot more on other posts and threads. For example, I tend to read a lot of threads regarding gaming podcasts, specifically where people are asking about podcasts they should check out. When big, popular podcasts get mentioned, those posts get upvoted a lot. But when small podcasts get mentioned, especially if it is by someone running said podcast, the post gets downvoted into oblivion.

Now, why is that a problem? Simply this: The votes on a post or a thread tells others of the relative opinion the community has of it. If a post has a positive score, more people will read it. If it is negative, the post is generally disregarded. In some cases, the post becomes blocked from view, unless you specifically take an action to read it.

Most people on Reddit won’t bother.

So, you can see why Trolls who Downvote posts and threads just “for the Lulz” can be a bit of an issue, right? Moreover, when assholes who use the Voting system as a weapon against posters they don’t like, or to silence posts/threads that don’t favor content they are pushing, that’s a serious issue. Especially when Reddit does nothing about it.

Basically, they have created a Bully Culture on the website. One where only the established, popular folk are accepted, and anyone else can kindly fuck off.

Of course, since this doesn’t hurt Reddit’s bottom line, they simply couldn’t care less about it. But that doesn’t make this any less wrong, and it does make Reddit complicit in the abuse of their own members.

Anyway, TL;DR: Fuck Reddit.

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