Our day at Faire

My Lovely Bride™ and I attended the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire earlier today, and frankly, had a wonderful time. Exhausting, but wonderful just the same.

We met many excellent vendors, performers, participants, and visitors, and had a great time visiting with folks we already knew. Alas, we missed out on seeing some performers we really wanted to see, including Broon, the Washing Well Wenches, BOLI, and others.

Why did we miss so much of the Faire? Well, it’s bloody huge, and I have a really bad back, so walking all over the darn place just wasn’t going to work. I rested when I could, but this particular Faire is really popular, being very close to Seattle and Tacoma, so as you might expect, it gets a bit crowded. So when the Joust was over, and the Medieval Masses™ flowed (as they usually do) towards the Food Court, suddenly shaded seating became a bit of an issue.

My Lovely Bride™ and I ended up taking shelter in the Village Chapel, just so we could get off of our feet for a few minutes. Nobody else was there, and I expect that was out of reverence for the Chapel, but I figured He wouldn’t be too upset about our Hypocrisy. Anyway, it was either there or the First Aid station, so…

Yeah, I wasn’t doing well. Neither was my sweetie, which is why we eventually left. In the end, we were only at WMRF for a bit over three hours today, but we had a great time, and certainly plan to come back again. In fact, My Lovely Bride™ wants to come back next year, but extending our stay out another day, so we can visit WMRF both Saturday and Sunday, and come home on Monday. It might be an expensive visit, as the hotel we’re staying in (and would stay in again next year because ZOMG AWESOME!) is rather costly per night, but I think we can swing it. Actually, I know we can, it’s just a question of paying down our credit cards quite a bit before next August.

Anyway, it was a great day. Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire runs the remainder of this weekend, then next weekend, as well as the weekend after that. Get thee to Faire, if thee can!

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