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A bit of idle chatter

So, I know I haven’t posted much of late, but, well… I’ve been busy. Lots of stuff going on at work, computer issues (I tore down and rebuilt my laptop, including several upgrades), more tabletop roleplaying issues than I can count… all in all, it has been a busy time in Casa de Scormey.

But I have some interesting things to share. No, really, I do!

First of all, My Lovely Bride™ and I will be going on our annual Independence Day vacation soon. Got to get away from all of the fireworks, with a bit of camping and roadtrips. But I should also have some time for myself during all of this, and I plan to be busy, working on new podcast episodes for my solo roleplaying actual play podcast, “Ronin Roleplaying”. If all goes well, I will have half of Season 2 done in July, or certainly so by the end of August.

Wait… didn’t I already have all of Season 2 (next year’s shows) done already, and I was working on Season 3?

Yeah, but I dumped all of that work. 56 weeks of shows got set aside (they are archived, so I haven’t lost them forever), so I can start anew with a slightly different format. Yes, I keep doing this, and yes, it kinda sucks. But I feel it was necessary to redo Season 2 in the long run, and I expect the result will be way better than before.

That said, I am not just creating podcasts during my free time! Remember how I rebuilt the laptop? Well, I’m doing some testing, starting this coming weekend, with the goal of getting back into livestreaming on Twitch! Yes, really!

I have some rules to keep me constrained from overdoing it in the future, but I miss the fun I had with my community, so I want to at least give Twitch another try. Since the laptop has been upgraded, I think now is the perfect time to at least give it another go, on a limited basis, and see how it all works out.

Will I stick with it for a long time? Maybe not, but at least I may be entertained a bit on my weekends and available vacations. You know, like the one coming up in a few weeks?

Anyway, I’m sure there is more to talk about, but I need to go eat, so maybe I’ll post again later about that.

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