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Fresh Tech!

So, I had a busy Saturday this weekend. Specifically, I had to take down and clean up our old, 48″ 4K television, as well as our Roku Ultra unit. My Lovely Bride™ wanted to give these to her sister, who was in need of a decent TV for her living room, and I’m always in need of fresh technology to replace our older stuff!

Why yes, I am  Tech Whore.

Anyway, after a short bit of research, I found a decent and affordable upgrade in the television department: Specifically, I found us a 50″ TCL Roku 4K TV. Why only a 50″ TV? Simple. We live in a very small home, and that’s about as big as we can go, in regards to televisions in the living room.

Now then, why go with a budget brand like TCL? Well, the price was right, we already have a 36″ TCL Roku TV in the bedroom that works great, and I really wanted to have Roku functionality built into the device, saving us from having to bother with a separate device.

Anyway, so now we have this badass new TV. It took less than an hour to set up and configure, from cracking open the box to having all of the streaming apps and connected devices and configured (Nintendo Switch, our Media Server, and my Raspberry Pi 4 based retro gaming system). Super simple process, really easy to work though, even for an idiot like me! There’s not much else to say here, really. New TV, got it all set up and good to go.

Of course, now I have the bug to set up more Tech… Since I was unable to find a reasonably-priced XBox Series X, to purchase alongside this new TV (CURSE YOU, SCALPERS!), I guess the next best option would be to wipe and start anew with my Raspberry Pi 4. It has been months since I gave it a proper update, so I might as well download a fresh version of RetroPie and build it from the ground up. That’s always a good way to spend a weekend.

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