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Yeah, haven’t been chatting

So it’s been a hell of a few weeks. Things have been really, really awesome part of the time, and at others really, really horrible. Okay, more like “First World Horrible”, but bad all the same. For examples, we got a pretty nice tax return, and paid down our credit card quite a bit with …

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So much for that idea

Vidme is dead. As you may or may not know, I have been trying to get my video content going again on YouTube for well over a year now, with really no success. So I decided to jump on the Vidme train, which is – or was – a small competitor to YouTube. Vidme seemed …

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Well, it’s a start

So I have decided to start posting to Pthppt.com again, as its own, separate blog (from GamingStuff.website). Why? Well, there were a few reasons behind this decision. First of all, I have a lot more to say than can be contained within a Gaming-related website Next, I felt like Pthppt.com was being wasted, just redirecting …

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