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    So the site has had a bit of a reboot. Why? Because we got inundated with Bots, literally hundreds of them, and no actual users aside from myself. So I went through and deleted every user on the site but myself, and blocked all of the Spammers.

    Luckily, my anti-spam features blocked all of their trash, but this took some cleaning up, and now, I’m a bit annoyed.

    Anyway, if you were an actual Person who signed up for the site and got deleted in the purge, I apologize. Please attempt to sign up again. Also, please make yourself known as an actual person by replying to a post on the forums, filling out your profile, and something along those lines. Yes, we now have a Captcha system installed, hopefully which will stop most of the bots in the future, but if it doesn’t, then I guess I’ll be doing something else with this URL.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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